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In our projects we always follow four logical steps to ensure te best possible outcome. We go from exploration, to design, development en production.



We team up with our clients from the first sketch to interior design and final production. To make the magic work, we need to understand their needs. Setting, purpose and function must melt together in a truly unique design. If only because the technical specifications demand profound engineering skills. At RAY theatre and technique meet.



Now it’s our time to create ideas. From the first drafts to final sketches and 3D drawings. Here the journey begins. We want to see happy faces.



After approval of the final drawings development can begin. That means: making technical drawings and engineering all aspects of the structure.  We source all components from selected suppliers, to ensure quality and durability.



The production takes place both off and on site. First we gather all components and materials, then we build the structure on site. And that’s where the tensile structure really comes to life, in it’s natural habitat.