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Luxury resorts are in high demand. They take families, couples and individuals to a special place, designed for an unforgettable experience. Turning an empty plot of land into a top notch camping resort: RAY leads the way. It’s our mission to develop a truly unique concept that makes you stand out from competition.

We offer this service in close collaboration with our partner YALA who provides uniquely designed canvas lodges. Together we provide you with all tensile structures in line with the developed concept: sleep structures and customized structures for e.g. restaurant, lobby, reception. For more information please have a look at our inspiration page.

Tailored to your local needs, we will exceed your ex- pectations. We continuously stretch the boundaries of luxury resorts. From master plan to landscaping and from large structure designs to the installation of luxury canvas lodges. Together we set the stage for a great adventure!


To turn dreams into an actual campsite, we follow the process as showed below. It all starts with understanding your specific wishes and ideas for a successful resort. We translate your ideas into a top notch resort in 2D and 3D drawings. These drawings bring your ideas to life. Ideal for conversations with investors and governments but also for marketing purposes: you can start bookings before the resort is actually build! In phase 5 and 6 we will work together with partners in landscaping, constructional drawings and sourcing to bring the master design to life in stage 7.

Vision and available insights

Goal: get a clear understanding of customer’s vision and the possibilities of the available land.

Site visit

Goal: advice on the feasibility and possibilities of the in stage 1 defined vision

Design sketches

Goal: Agreement on the global lay-out (in 2D and 3D) of the site in one overview and per zone.

Masterplan design

Goal: Finalization of conceptual design of the complete site and all individual accomodations

Final landscape design

Goal: Approval on the masterplan design (detailed lay-out incl electricy, plumming etc)

Construction drawing

Goal: define technical production drawings leading to a specified Bill of Material for the complete campsite.

Stage 7
Building and construction of the campsite (local architect / developer)

Goal: Campsite ready to welcome guests